Washington Rockville Elks Lodge 15
Chili Cook Off

Chili Cook Off Sunday March 15 3:00 PM

Elks Lodge #15 Official Chili Cook-Off Rules

  1. The Chili Cook-Off will include the fun of rewarding the top three Chili Chefs!
    1st prize – Blue Ribbon and 12 months bragging rights
    2nd prize – Red Ribbon
    3rd prize – White Ribbon
  2. Chili Chefs may judge for free, other Judges are asked to make a $5 contribution. Once voting is completed, all the batches of chili will be available for all who participated as Chili Chefs or Judges; until all the chili is gone or everyone has had their fill.
  3. The Lodge will provide shredded cheddar cheese, chopped onion, sour cream, and corn bread. The Lodge will also provide everything needed for serving your chili.
  4. Chili Chefs may not use premade chili from a can or restaurant. Chili spices and spice mixes are okay. Some chili contests do not allow beans, spaghetti or anything other than meat, chili peppers, spices and such. Not a problem here at Lodge #15. If you like it, toss it in the Chili Pot. Let us be the judge.
  5. Entries are to be blind judged strictly on a tasting contest basis and MUST be anonymous.
  6. All Chili Chefs must deliver their chili to the Lodge kitchen a half hour before voting begins.
  7. All chili will be placed in tasting cups by the House Committee for voting, the cups will all be alike and anonymous.
  8. Chili Chefs may not garnish, or otherwise attend to their chili once it is delivered to the kitchen and the tasting tables.
  9. Chili Chefs may not, in any way, indicate to anyone which chili is theirs.
  10. Judges are encouraged to taste each chili. Judges are free to use whatever characteristics they like in judging the chili. Some typical characteristics include texture, flavor, consistency, spice, taste, ingredients, aroma and color. Whatever you like, simply vote once for the chili you like best.